Thank You for Making Farm Camp Amazing!


Thank You for Making Farm Camp Amazing!

Farm Camp has come to a close after five glorious weeks of happy campers, rain, renovation and exploration. Here’s a quick recap:Renovations include the upgrades Farmer Jim made to Fort Porky with his ever-changing band of builders as well as the creation of a gorgeous corn hole game.Hopefully, you noticed a spike in your campers local food IQ, whether it was defining a CSA, packing vegetables, cooking mouthwatering quiche in the sun oven, making pesto or harvesting a rooster.Every camper had a hand in caring for kids Applesauce and Abraham, bunnies, chicks and piglets (there are even more now — see sale info below!)

And our final week was chock full of hands-on learning — rooster  harvesting and cooking, cheese making, soap making, sewing, painting and more!

Thank you for supporting our one-of-a-kind camp.We are grateful for each camper and your contributions to our farm. 

Check Out Camp Pictures!
See how photogenic y/our campers were at New Farm Institute Facebook Page.

Bunnies for Sale
Nothing’s better than bunny love. If your camper is longing for one of our pastured rabbits, just $40 will reunite them with the hare of their choice (with a small bag of feed). You, too, can become the proud owner of the softest, easiest-to-manage (and tastiest) pet around. Give us a call to reserve your bunbun, 512-484-2746.

Lost something? Come to the Farm Stand
Water bottles, hats, camper journals (e.g., cookbooks, farm journals, etc.) have been placed in our Lost & Found Box in the farm stand area (i.e., where campers stored their belongings during camp). Please retrieve your items during Farm Stand Hours: Tues. 3pm-6pm, Fri. & Sat. 10am-2pm. You are more than welcome to picnic, linger, shop. (Note: Farm will be closed August and September)

Help Us Improve
Your comments are vital to our program. What do you recommend for Year Six? We are also interested in your suggestions/donations for our new Education Center, which will make our camp bigger and better. Looking forward to building treehouses, a vermiculture  area, weather center and more. Ideas welcome at

Reserve Your Space for Farm Camp
Registration is now open for our upcoming Fall events as well as next year’s summer camp. The earlier you register the more you save!  This fall you can look forward to: Day Camps, Adult Workshops, School Field trips, a Climate Change Conversation and much more.  If your school is interested in coming to the farm for a field trip please contact us at

Support our Farm, Become a Member
Our farm depends upon the individual members of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to fund our operation. Please consider joining our Fall CSA coop programs for organic flowers, vegetables, eggs and/or meats. There are very few restaurants buying local, so it’s up to you to fuel the local food movement. See for more info.

Thank you for your support. Enjoy your summer!

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