2018 Beekeeping Workshop



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Date: January 27th

Time: 10am-1pm

Jake and Allison French have over 10 years of experience in Texas beekeeping, with both Langstroth and top bar hives, using natural methods, and now keep a backyard apiary in Georgetown.

This fun and comprehensive workshop is perfect for anyone curious about beekeeping, and will provide valuable information for those serious about getting started.

The workshop will begin with an exploration of bee biology and behavior, and a picture history of beekeeping around the world. Next we’ll move on to the more practical side of things: how to set up your own apiary, where to obtain equipment and bees, and a breakdown of beekeeper responsibilities with a word on hive problems and integrated pest management. Lastly, we’ll highlight the many products and services bees provide – honey, pollination, beeswax, propolis, pollen, apitherapy, and more – with ideas for creative bee businesses to consider!

Special activities include an interactive honey extraction, smoker lighting demonstration, and a glass-walled observation hive to allow an up-close study of live bees. We’ll send you out with a tiny jar of local honey you harvested yourself!

No special equipment necessary.

Adults and children over 12 welcome.