Hog Meat Cuts

Harvest Your Own Hog


When: TBA
Class Time: TBA
Where: Green Gate Farms’ River Farm, 176 Howard Lane, Bastrop
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Product Description

Join us at our River Farm in Bastrop for a butchering class of pasture-raised pigs. Only five participants will be guided by expert butchers Julia Poplawsky, Tony Grasso, and Farmer Skip. You’ll learn all the basic steps – from humanely killing and bleeding, hanging and eviscerating, skinning and quartering. (Participating in the kill is not necessary but all other steps require hands-on participation.)

These heritage hogs, which weigh about 100 pounds, will be delicious! Their diet includes spent grain from Live Oak Brewing, regular feed, grass and organic vegetables. You’ll leave with about 70 lbs of meat, fat and bones and the ability to do this yourself next time!

Please bring the following: a medium to large cooler with ice packs, six tall kitchen trashcan bags, four gallon-sized zip lock bags, a butchering knife and sharpener if possible, clean rags. Wear clothes that can get dirty. If it’s raining hard, we’ll butcher inside our barn.