Farm Camp for Adults, 7/23/17


Why should kids have all the fun? Now it’s your turn to experience life on an organic farm. The founders of Green Gate Farms and New Farm Institute will teach the ropes on farming, gardening, livestock management, and much more. Great way to spend a Sunday morning!

When: July 23rd, 2017
Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

Class requires a minimum registration of 5 participants.

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Our three hour class is small so you can get your questions answered and meet with others who share your interests. Topics include:

Farming During Drought: Techniques and resources to help you succeed.

Livestock Management: feed, fencing and care for 150 rare-breed chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, and pigs.

Organic vegetable production: Understand the decision-making process in selecting, starting and planting more than 100+ varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs for our 5-acre intown and 33-acre River Farm farm locations.

Composting: Learn the secrets to creating the best resource on the farm

Irrigation: Drip tape, rainwater collection, wells and the challenges of city water.

Incubator Farm: Learn about our  Incubator Farm for professional farmers and how you can get involved.

Farming Resources: During lunch (please pack one for yourself), we’ll advise you on the organizations and individuals that can help you achieve your goals.

and more!


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