MRC Workshare Program


$150 covers the cost of daily transportation; your donation ensures MRC farmers can participate!

New Farm Institute and Multicultural Refugee Coalition (MRC) are working together to give opportunities to and inspire refugees. By providing access to our farm, displaced Congolese work side by side with Nepalese and others who share a passion for farming. After assisting with farm duties, our farmers provide education as well as shares of fresh, organic food.

Every Monday, Lindsay Hutchinson, the Garden Coordinator at MRC, arrives at Green Gate’s River Farm¬† with people from around the world, ready to get their hands dirty and help out on the farm. Duties vary greatly, but the day typically begins with harvest during the CSA season, and moves on to planting, cultivating, and other pressing work around the farm.

After working for three hours in the field, the Farm Manager chooses a farm topic to give instruction. Topics have included pest management, greenhouse techniques, potato planting and care. All instruction occurs on site, in the field, where participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the subject at hand. All participants in the MRC Workshare Program receive free produce, and have access to steeply discounted foods should they want more food from the farm.

“It’s been amazing meeting and working with everyone from MRC out on the farm” says Evan Driscoll, Farm Manager at Green Gate Farms. “They’re all incredibly enthusiastic folks who’ve taught me a lot about working across cultures, and finding connections through farming.”

The New Farm Institute is eager to expand its partnership with the MRC; funding is needed for translators and transportation.¬† Find more information on MRC’s programs here!