Camp Scholarships

Donate to Camp Scholarship Funds

We are pleased to have two new camp scholarship funds that individuals can donate to. Each of these funds will help farm camp families that may not have been able to apply to attend camp previously. If you are interested in donating please select either the Jonah Adel Scholarship Fund or the Kathleen Donnelly Scholarship Fund. We truly appreciate your contributions and are thrilled to have even more camp scholarships available for 2014.

Apply for Camp Scholarship

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship please fill out this form and submit via email to or mail the completed form to New Farm Institute, 8310 Canoga Ave. Austin, TX 78724, ATTN: Camp Scholarships. APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 15, 2014. Completion of this form does not guarantee a scholarship. Further information may be requested once you have completed the initial form. You ARE required to register through the online system and put down an initial $100 deposit, depending on your scholarship you may be refunded this amount. Please contact us via email if you need information about the status of your application or have questions about the application process.