Incubator Farm

Becoming an organic farmer in Texas is difficult. We know. Obstacles include everything from the lack of mentors to affordable land. Fortunately, new farmers can qualify for low-interest government loans after proving increasing income. But how can you prove yourself if you can’t afford land? Our Incubator Farm helps new farmers over that hurdle.

As Green Gate Farms is growing so is our Incubator Farm program. Our vision is to provide sustainable housing (currently in the design phase by Stanley Studios), land (at our farm and other sites), and mentorship to people who seek to become professional sustainable, organic farmers.

Since piloting this enterprise in 2011, we’ve paid for all costs out of our own pockets. However, to make this initiative sustainable, we need funders.  Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a farmer or aware of grants that will allow us to grow this aspect of our on-farm education initiatives. 

Over the past few years, our Incubator Farm initiative has provided aspiring farmers access to: land, tools, tractors, storage, mentorship, growing and marketing guidance. Farmer Mike is one of our farmers who is now running his own CSA farm. Read morehere.

Please be aware that New Farm Institute Incubator Farm applicants must:

1) submit a business plan that includes how you will contribute to the local farming community, and
2) provide two farming references.

Contact us at if you are interested in participating. We have several sites currently seeking beginning farmers.

*Is your farm incubating new farmers? Let us know so we can work together. (contact us here)


Listen to Mike Mayberry speak about his experiences as an Incubator Farmer at Green Gate Farms. Mike proved to be a highly motivated, hard worker, and has moved on to open up his own farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky – Marvin’s Garden Produce. This video will be used in a Kickstarter campaign a bit further down the road, in which we well try to raise some money for a Greenhouse and BCS rototiller. Stay tuned.

Our Incubator Farmers,  Neysa and Travis, ditched their demanding career paths in Boston to follow their dream of organic farming. They were featured incubator farmers in Whole Foods Market’s “Grow” series.