New Farm Media

New Farm Media is a multimedia community, bringing diverse content in the form of educational videos, blogs, audio journals and online tutorials to teach, inspire, and cultivate ideas for organic farming and sustainable food.


Here is a list of current projects and ideas we are working on. Feel free to reach out to us with additional ideas:

  • New Farm Bootcamp, online course on how to start farming
  • How to Harvest A Hog, video tutorial 
  • How to Butcher A Chicken, video tutorial 
  • How to Start A Flower Garden, video tutorial 
  • Farm Marketing Course, online course
  • How to Build A Hoop House, video tutorial 
  • How to Teach Kids About Growing Food, online video tutorial and interview series
  • Recipe Videos, how to cook with your CSA Share
  • Farming Hacks, tips and tricks for cost effective farming
  • New Farm Media Training, how to speak to the media about your farm
  • Steps for Organic Certification, online tutorial 
  • How to Milk a Goat, tutorial and recipe video on using the milk


Media Coverage

Farm Education Videos


A Glance Around The Farm