Incubator Farmer Mike Mayberry

Mike started growing vegetables back in 2006, growing a tomato plant upside down on the patio at his girlfriend’s apartment. Since then, he has planted seeds in Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona and Texas. Not all of them have germinated, but at least he figured out to grow them right side up after that first summer.

Soon after he arrived in Austin, Mike started volunteering at Green Gate Farms. Out of all of the farms in Austin, Mike liked Green Gate the most because of the sense of community fostered by the owners and staff.

From late September 2011 until March 2012, Mike was the New Farm Institute’s “Incubator Farmer” at Green Gate Farms – no, he didn’t grow incubators, but that is a zinger! Since Mike is the one writing this, he wants to say the following about being an Incubator Farmer:

Doing this has given me the opportunity to make a lot of the mistakes new farmers make, without having the stress of all of the financial overhead involved with getting started as a market grower. Because of the help, tools, land and moral support of the staff at Green Gate, I was able to make a small investment (less than $500) and turn a small profit – I have made 10’s and 10’s of dollars.

Mike will be starting Marvin’s Garden Produce in the Louisville, KY area starting in March 2012. If you are bored, you can find out how that is going over at his blog.

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