Austin High School

Since 2012 we have partnered with Austin High School, creating service learning projects and farm-based education curriculum to allow students to learn about sustainable agriculture and local food systems.

Below are samples of student projects that have been completed here on the farm:


Austin High School Food Project Overview


Green Gate Farms is a local certified organic farm located in east Austin. One of the functions of this farm is to feed Austin residents through a “CSA”. CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs allow city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables from a regional farmer.

This farm also seeks to educate residents about sustainable farming. In 2014, the farm began construction of an on-farm Education Center which seeks to establish connections between what is learned in a formal classroom setting and a functional sustainable farm. This Education Center’s learning stations will be designed in part by the AGS 9th grade class.

Project Objective:

Create a “learning station” for visitors to interact with at the farm. Visitors should be able to learn about a given topic without the guidance of a farmer or other employee of Green Gate Farms.

To help achieve this goal, each learning station must contain the following three elements:

 A short 3-5 minute instructional video

 A text reference that contains the same information as the video for visitors to use if the video is unavailable or

 A viewing guide to help visitors take notes about the information from the text reference or video


Your group will establish learning materials for one of the following topics (selected during World Geography):

 Nitrogen Cycle (including Denitrification)

o Nitrogen Fixation

o Ammonification

o Nitrification

 Differences between industrial and sustainable farms

o Carbon cycle

o Crop diversity/seasonality

 Husbandry/Role of animals on an industrial farm versus a sustainable farm

o Guinea Hogs

o Chickens/Hens

 Other

o Major organic compounds (carbs, lipids, proteins), nutrition

o Overview of farm ecosystem

o Water (flow on farm, irrigation systems, sources)

Self Guided Tour

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