Media Coverage

Thank you Elizabeth Winslow and Ediible Austin for writing up such an inspiring piece on the partnership between Escoffier School of Culinary Arts and Green Gate Farms. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership, and look forward to doing more and merrier things down the line.

Find the article here!

Betsy Ross, of Besty Ross’s Grass Fed Beef fame, comes to Green Gate Farms to help us analyze our soil, and  how to improve it. Betsy is legendary in the agricultural world for her voracious appetite for soil science, her generosity in spreading her knowledge, and her early adoption of all things compost tea. (Betsy is Farmer Erin’s mentor through the Holistic Management International program.) Betsy’s visit to the farm was inspirational. Check out this video created by Farmer Evan Driscoll to get a peak into some of her insights.

Betsy Ross Comes To Green Gate Farms from Evan Driscoll on Vimeo.

Listen to Mike Mayberry speak about his experiences as an Incubator Farmer at Green Gate Farms. Mike proved to be a highly motivated, hard worker, and has moved on to open up his own farm outside of Louisville, Kentucky – Marvin’s Garden Produce. This video will be used in a Kickstarter campaign a bit further down the road, in which we well try to raise some money for a Greenhouse and BCS rototiller. Stay tuned.

Check out this interview from 2010 with owner Erin Flynn regarding how awesome the Kids’ Summer Camp on the farm is!
Local Organic Farmer Hopes To Teach Kids About Sustainability from